Friday, October 3, 2008

Klokateer #3033

Also known as, Nix.

Resident mechanic at Mordhaus and not-so-secret lover of Nathan Explosion.

His first appearance was in chapter 2 of Liravalentine and Deddybear's RP "Secrets and Lies".

He gets around quite a bit. He's had his own 1-shot, "A Fairy Tale by Nix, age 31", is currently involved (and older) in Deddy and Lira's latest RP, "Blood Is Thicker..." and he just finished a run in Xixthe's story "Chicklok".

Below are links to the aforementioned fics:

Secrets and Lies

A Fairy Tale <-- both @ Y!gallery. Must register (and be 18) to read.

Blood Is Thicker <-- friend's only posts @ livejournal (18+)

Chicklok (18+)

Go forth! Go forth and... READ!!!

Nix (c) Liravalentine


riverotter7 said...

Oh man, I know he's gay but what a bod!

FeralToki said...

Been there, read those, patiently awaiting more... ^^;

Oh, yes, and mmmmm, Nix. XD~

Holkie said...

And I'm still working on my Ganymede Tales with Nix. Really I am.

Katzchen said...

@ Otter: Srsly... hottest (imaginary) gay man EVER, am I rite? X3

@ Feral: I'm eagerly awaiting, too. Deddy sent me another huge chunk of BIT to edit, and I sent back one chapter so far *flails* I need to get off my ass and work on that XD

@ Holkie: I'm looking forward to seeing him in your story, man ^^

Amy W said...

O: He's, quite literally, smokin' hot. WHOA!

Anonymous said...

I'm left wondering who the blood is from XD

Katzchen said...

Considering that he's a Mordhaus employee, the possibilities are endless, man *lol*